"I wonder if his belly hurts and that's why he won't eat."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hey FPIES, Thanks for the adrenaline flu you just gave me.

Holy crap. My worst fears have just come true. At dinner Bronsen was begging for some peanut butter crackers. He doesn't really like peanut butter but he tries to act like he does. He found some crackers at my parents house awhile back and he eats them every time we go there. He went and grabbed some last night and asked me to open them. I saw the back and opened them, and he started eating them. While I did 234352 other things I was reminded that maybe I should quick check the package in case it was different. As I looked below the label, where the allergens are listed in bold usually, I saw the words...."Contains MILK, peanuts, soy, blah blah" I snatched them out of Bronsen's hand and said don't eat any more. I stood there looking at him as if I expected an instant reaction. I went to the pantry and pulled out all the peanut butter crackers my parents had. Of course, 4 more packages in there, a few Kroger brand and a few Keebler brand. Almost identical packaging, one was "safe" and didn't contain milk, the other did in fact contain milk, well "milk, whey, cheese cultures and buttermilk" to be exact. I quick grabbed the phone to call allergy and ask for suggestions. They called back and said they didn't think he would react, considering his latest test results. I felt the same, my husband did not. Well, hours went by, and no reactions. We kept saying, "Bronsen, does your belly hurt?" He would reply, "Nope, not even from the milk I ate. I think I can have milk now." We've been talking a lot about FPIES and about how he can probably have milk soon, which would allow him to eat whatever he wants for the first time in his life. Late last night we said to him, "Is your belly still ok?" He replied, "Why do you keep asking me that? I'm FINE!" So, I guess going into the milk challenge in the hospital I won't be as worried, but afterall, 1/2 a cracker isn't exactly a "food challenge" so all we can do is wait and be hopeful. I do have to say that once again FPIES caused a problem, even though it wasn't with Bronsen. For the rest of the night my stomach was on edge, probably from the rush of adrenaline I had for quite a few minutes after Bronsen ate the cracker.

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Nichole said...

oh my gosh. heartattack central. But hooray for good news and hooray HOORAY for no tummy aches!